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Meet Margaret – our experienced and compassionate Nurse

Margaret completed her Registered Nurse training back in Zimbabwe and spent the first part of her career working in hospitals. Immigrating to Australia in 2005, she had originally planned on settling on the Gold Coast until she discovered that elderly people in Maryborough needed her more.

Why did you decide to come to Maryborough?

When I arrived at Brisbane airport, my Nursing sponsor asked if I would consider going to Maryborough as there was a critical shortage of aged care Nurses. I didn’t hesitate to change my plans – I wanted to go where I was most needed. I’ve been working as an aged care Nurse in Maryborough ever since, and I’ve been at PresCare for 10 years. I love the relaxed pace of this town and how everyone looks out for each other.

What do you love about Nursing in aged care?

I love the residents to bits! Being able to spend so much time interacting with them and getting to know them is really special, and I can see their younger selves shining through. I just love being around them because they feel like family.

How does PresCare support you to utilise your clinical skills?

I am very well supported by the PresCare leadership team. We collaborate on clinical issues and I know they are always on hand to help me. Plus, the Carers are fantastic. The way they work together and help each other, and the Nurses, makes a big difference to every day. I am privileged to work with them.

What would you say to others considering a career in aged care Nursing?

It is amazingly rewarding. As a hospital Nurse, patients come and go so quickly there’s not much time to form relationships with them. But at PresCare, I have the time to find out what makes each resident unique. They feel comfortable with me because I know and respect them as people. I feel like I’m part of them.

Do you ever regret not settling on the Gold Coast?

Not for a single day! When my daughter became a Nurse, her first job was on the Gold Coast. I visited her there but it’s far too busy for me. Maryborough is where I belong and caring for the elderly is what I love doing.

At PresCare Maryborough, we love supporting our Nurses like Margaret who are passionate about making a difference to residents.