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Meet Kaye, who’s supported to build her own rewarding routine

We love supporting residents to continue familiar routines they may have enjoyed at home. For resident Kaye, this means spending time in the garden, maintaining her favourite hobbies and socialising with neighbours.

How do you design your own day?

I’ve always liked keeping busy, so right after breakfast, I spend time in the gardens, watering the plants and attending to any weeds. Connecting with nature is a lovely way to start the day. Then I’ll either do some painting or craft, or join in one of the group activities. Some afternoons, I enjoy helping staff set up for dinner by folding the napkins. I like contributing to the running of the household, just like I did at home.

What else do you like to do?

I paint the statues and gnomes that are placed around the garden beds. With a fresh coat of paint, they look brand new again. And of course, I love the social aspect of living here. My closest friend is Joyce, and we share lots of laughs and have good chats together over cups of tea in the garden.

How do the staff support you?

They are always there to help me garden and make sure I’m safe. They bring me potting mix and craft items. They’re just wonderful!

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