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Meet George, who’s supported to continue his passion for gardening at Yaralla Place

George spent most of his working life outdoors as a surveyor and geologist. Always a keen gardener, he’d also spend lots of his spare time pottering around in his home garden.

When George moved into Yaralla Place, he naturally gravitated to the outdoor spaces around our community. Enjoying the simple pleasures of a backyard, he’d pot cuttings, pull out weeds and water the lawn. He even needed to be reminded to come inside when it rained!

Witnessing how happy these gardening activities made him, the Yaralla team purchased a garden shed with pots and potting mix, garden tools like a rake and edge trimmer, and created an above-ground garden bed for George to use and tend to each day. He’s loving these new additions that help make his time outdoors even busier and more enjoyable!

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