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Meet Arlie – whose handmade teddies are helping local children

Arlie is a very engaged and compassionate member of our Alexandra Gardens community.

A Rockhampton local since 1999, Arlie has loved embroidering and knitting ever since she can remember. But this interest goes far beyond just a hobby. Arlie uses her talents to help sick or injured children in the local area.

With help from other residents and Volunteer, Lyn, Arlie has made more than 200 Trauma Teddies for the local Ambulance Service.

“Paramedics hand these teddies to the children they treat on the way to the hospital and they tell me it really brightens them up. If a child is really sick or has had an accident, it’s nice to know that something I’ve made has helped in some way. Some of the children even write to me

to say thank you, which is lovely.”

Arlie credits knitting for keeping her mind active and she used to enter her work in competitions. At Alexandra Gardens, she loves that staff and volunteers support her to make difference to the local community.

“The other residents and I enjoy making the teddies very much. It’s very rewarding and I’m so grateful to Lyn and the staff here for helping me.”

At PresCare Alexandra Gardens, we love supporting residents like Arlie to remain engaged in the activities that bring them joy and purpose.