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Lunchtime at Alexandra Gardens

When it comes to mealtimes at Alexandra Gardens, neighbours Ethel, Maree and Barbara look forward to catching up, saying it feels just like one big family gathering.

“It’s great to sit down with friends each day. I really enjoy the social companionship. We chat about what activities are on for the day, our family and friends, and of course, the menu. Mealtimes here remind me a lot of family mealtimes – because everyone at the table is like family,” says Ethel.

Ethel, Maree and Barbara love the flexible approach to country-style meals and say the daily menus offer lots of delicious options and family favourites. They also love that they can choose when and where they eat, and help themselves to a snack or drink at any time.

“There’s plenty of choice – just like home. We get to choose our own menu each month, usually themed from different countries around the world. And we can provide suggestions and input into the menu design at our Focus on Food meetings,” says Maree.

“I like all the meals, but my favourites are Caesar salad, and grilled salmon and salad. At night, we prefer a lighter meal so we request cold meat and salad, or a toasted sandwich. It’s nice to have this flexibility and be able to choose,” says Barbara.

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