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Investment in technology enhancing resident experience

Alexandra Gardens has introduced CareKeeper, an initiative that equips every care worker with a mobile device that enhances the delivery of care to residents.

The innovation, developed by Telstra Health, allows every Nurse and Carer on every shift to access important information about each resident’s care needs, including clinical information and lifestyle choices and preferences, on a mobile device in real time. Staff are able to quickly view, action and record care information or tasks while being at the resident’s side.

Each resident’s individual preferences, such as choice of daily routine or favourite activities, are also accessible giving staff more opportunities to engage meaningfully with residents to provide a truly holistic care experience. Staff are excited about the rollout of the technology saying

it reduces paperwork and time spent at nurse’s stations.

CareKeeper is part of Apollo Care’s overall strategy to deliver efficiency, faster response times to resident calls and enhanced team collaboration.

To find out more about Alexandra Gardens, call our friendly admissions team on (07) 4999 3000.