Fish & Chips in the park

At PresCare Maryborough, we love supporting residents to get out and about in their local community. Sometimes, it’s the simple outings, like having fish and chips in the park, that mean the most, sparking reminiscing and connection.

Groundwater Lodge residents recently enjoyed this very outing at Anzac Park. The bus trip was full of conversation and laughter, with residents participating in a hilarious karaoke session using the bus microphone.

Once we arrived, residents enjoyed the open air and views of native trees as they reminisced about where they grew up, where they used to work, what they used to get up to as kids, and how things have changed around Maryborough. There were also stories of loved ones, new additions to families and shared interests.

Residents said the outing took them back to “the good old days” with resident Cole commenting, “Sharing fish and chips on a park table reminds me of family beach trips to Hervey Bay”. Resident Daphne claimed, “These are the best fish and chips I’ve had in years!”.

Outings like these feature in the Lifestyle Programs at both Groundwater Lodge and Yaralla Place, and residents are looking forward to more opportunities to socialise together in the wider community.

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Meet Georgina, our compassionate and highly trained Personal Care Worker

Georgina joins us from the Solomon Islands where she was a qualified Registered Nurse for over 15 years. At Groundwater Lodge, she loves getting to know residents and creating a true sense of home.

How did you come to work at Groundwater Lodge?

Through the Pacific Australia Labour Mobility (PALM) Scheme, there was an opportunity for me to move here for four years as a Personal Care Worker in Aged Care. I jumped at the chance to help, so I could further my skills, support people in this regional community, and enjoy the Australian way of life.

What do you love most about your role and this opportunity?

I love working with the elderly and helping them through such an important time in their lives. It truly makes me happy when they’re happy, and I try
my best to attend to their every need. Groundwater Lodge is a small, tight- knit community with very friendly people. We all work together to achieve together and we put the needs of residents first.

How does the leadership team support you?

Jinto is a great Manager who I know I can go to at any time, and my colleagues are very helpful and supportive. We’re all one team.

How are you supported by Apollo Care?

The Apollo Care systems make the job of providing excellent care to residents so much easier. For example, we will soon implement a new medication system, Best Med, that will mean we no longer need to interpret doctor’s instructions or handwriting – it will all be there and easily accessible.

At PresCare, we are using the PALM Scheme to complement our local recruitment efforts. This initiative is helping to reduce our reliance on temporary staff, which enhances consistency of care to residents.

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Meet George, who’s supported to continue his passion for gardening at Yaralla Place

George spent most of his working life outdoors as a surveyor and geologist. Always a keen gardener, he’d also spend lots of his spare time pottering around in his home garden.

When George moved into Yaralla Place, he naturally gravitated to the outdoor spaces around our community. Enjoying the simple pleasures of a backyard, he’d pot cuttings, pull out weeds and water the lawn. He even needed to be reminded to come inside when it rained!

Witnessing how happy these gardening activities made him, the Yaralla team purchased a garden shed with pots and potting mix, garden tools like a rake and edge trimmer, and created an above-ground garden bed for George to use and tend to each day. He’s loving these new additions that help make his time outdoors even busier and more enjoyable!

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Meet Rozina, our dedicated Manager at Yaralla Place

Rozina is Residential Service Manager at Yaralla Place. Qualifying as a Registered Nurse in Fiji, she moved to Hervey Bay in 2004. She’s worked in the aged care sector for almost two decades, and previously lead PresCare Maryborough’s Clinical Care Team.

Why did you choose aged care as your career path?
When I lived in Fiji, there was no aged care, so when I moved here, I was attracted to this type of Nursing because it was new and different. I’ve always loved how interesting and varied aged care is compared to Nursing in the hospital setting.

How do you support your team to provide the best possible care to residents?
I take a very hands-on approach to make sure each member of our team feels closely supported in their role. I believe in consistent and open communication, and in empowering my team to make the right decisions that enhance the emotional and clinical well-being of residents.

How would you describe the culture of care here?
People come together to help each other every day. Every member of our team is respectful, puts residents first, and goes above and beyond to make sure residents are supported to live their best lives.

What would you say to others considering a career in aged care?
It’s very rewarding getting to know these amazing residents and their families. It means a lot to know you’re making a difference in their lives. It’s also rewarding to be able to develop skills across such a wide spectrum of care provision, and to have the support to continue upskilling and growing through mentorship and training.

At PresCare Maryborough, team members like Rozina are passionate about making a positive difference to residents.To find out more about our two welcoming communities, please contact our friendly team by calling (07) 4120 5800 or emailing

Meet Barbara and her daughter, Candice, who love catching up at Yaralla Place

We love helping residents to stay connected with their loved ones.

Candice visits her Mum, Barbara, five days a week at Yaralla Place. She loves that there are no set visiting hours, so she feels welcome at any time.

What do you like to do on your visits?

Mum likes spending time outdoors and we’ve planted a little garden full of bright flowers just outside her window. We spend a lot of time here looking at the garden and we sing our favourite songs together. Sometimes, my sister and I take her to the markets near Town Hall, or to her favourite coffee shop near Queens Park. We’ll often take her back to our homes for the day, too.

Does your Mum feel at home at Yaralla Place?

She’s very settled here and very happy. The smaller house design really suits her as she’s quite a private person. She’s more comfortable being in this environment with familiar faces she knows, and her private suite is her sanctuary. When we take her out for a day trip, she always tells us when she’s ready to come ‘home’ – back to Yaralla.

What else do you like about PresCare Maryborough?

Mum has lived here for two years now, and as a Registered Nurse myself, I have great confidence that she is receiving the best care. The staff are lovely and really take the time to get to know Mum’s routine. They support her to remain as independent as possible, and they’re very respectful.

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Meet Angela, who’s been caring for Yaralla Place residents for 23 years

When she was just 15 years old, Angela decided she wanted to pursue a career where she could make a difference to older Australians. After her studies, she moved from Brisbane to Maryborough and joined the Yaralla Place team. She’s been a highly valued member of our community for more than two decades.

What do you love about your role?

It’s so uplifting to be able to care for these amazing residents. I try to bring laughter and energy to my role and to just make them happy. It really makes me feel good knowing I can make a positive impact every day.

How well do you get to know residents?

I absolutely love getting to know the residents because they’ve got such interesting stories and they’re all so different. I like asking about their special belongings, like photos or ornaments, in their suites. These spark so many conversations and memories and I can tell how much they love talking about them.

Why do you think Yaralla Place feels like home?

Yaralla is a friendly, warm community where residents feel comfortable and relaxed. It’s a happy place and I’m delighted to use my experience to care for these special people. Our team works together to make the residents happy, and it’s rewarding for all of us to be making this environment as home-like as possible.

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