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A meaningful Lifestyle Program

Designing our Lifestyle Program takes careful consideration, creative thinking and, most importantly, lots of input from residents.

Each month, our Lifestyle Team plans ahead to incorporate a wide and varied range of activities

and outings to cater for different interests, abilities and preferences.

The Lifestyle Program is designed to offer opportunities for enjoyment, purpose and meaning, and connections to their loved ones and the wider community. Key elements include special calendar days, bus trips, concerts and other incursions, music or art therapy, physical and mental exercises, craft and games, and cooking to name a few.

While some residents enjoy things like counter lunches at the local pub, fundraising morning teas, fish and chips on the beach, or family-friendly celebrations, others may prefer quieter everyday routines like gentle gardening, knitting or sewing. Each resident is supported to participate in the activities or endeavours that are important to them, including attending Church services or receiving pastoral support. We always enjoy visits from the local kindergartens, too!

At PresCare Alexandra Gardens, we love supporting residents to find purpose and meaning in their daily lives. 

To find out more about our community, please contact our friendly team by calling (07) 4999 0000 or emailing